Use WagyuSwap Dex to Earn SCAR!

Earning your honor in Velhalla is an important part of battle, and earning SCAR by staking WAG with Wagyuswap can now become another part of your journey to fulfill your destiny in Velhalla!

With Wagyuswap, holders can stake their WAG token to earn SCAR, the official Velhalla token. Below, you will find where to go to begin staking and how to go through the staking process with Wagyuswap.

1. Go to

2. Stake WAG to Earn SCAR

3. You need to have WAG to Stake and Earn SCAR

4. WagyuSwap can exchange your SCAR to WAG (Route: SCAR > VLX > WAG, this happens in the background)

5. Once you have WAG, go to Pools (If data is not loading, you can refresh the page and the internet connection)

6. For 1st time Staking, you need to click on “Enable” first

7. Then click on the “STAKE” button

8. ROI Calculator will show up, you can choose the option on how long you want your WAG to stake

9. Click on CONFIRM, then Confirm in Metamask

10. Click on Harvest, if you want to get your staked SCAR tokens

Subscribe to the official Velhalla YouTube channel,, for more tutorials and updates. Those who follow the word of The Gods shall become legends of Velhalla!




Velhalla — The Velas MetaVerse

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Velhalla — The Velas MetaVerse

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