Velhalla, The Newest Crypto-Based Metaverse

Velhalla is an innovative new metaverse based on Velas, a leading competitor to the Etherium blockchain. Velhalla will bring a futuristic, mystical world to the ever-growing metaverse space, inspired by the ever-popular Viking mythology and hyper-futuristic video game universes. Velhalla will be owned and operated by its users, who can help drive the continued growth and adaptation of the platform. The Velhalla metaverse will include virtual real estate, unique characters, digital assets NFTs, and more. Velhalla is taking the crypto-metaverse experience to a new level to provide users with a world they can control, influence, invest in, and more.

The Problem:

What is a metaverse?

‘Metaverse’ has become a buzzword across the tech community in recent years, with a plethora of globally impactful tech organizations looking to metaverses as the next frontier in how people interact online. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was one of the biggest names to roll out ambitious new initiatives to build widespread, highly interconnected metaverses.

The word metaverse was first brought into the pop culture ethos through the science fiction book Snow Crash. Since then, metaverse has gone on to describe a variety of digital spaces where people interact in cyberworlds. This includes places where users build digital worlds that can mirror activities in daily life, such as purchasing digital real estate and items and building unique universes. Currently, the metaverses on the market exist within their own platforms. However, many in the tech community see a future where all the cyberspaces will be interconnected to build one large, unified metaverse. Currently, cryptocurrency-based spaces are at the forefront of metaverse development.

Where metaverses have gone wrong so far

Metaverses are becoming increasingly popular. However, just because they have become popular does not mean they have not left a lot to be desired by the market. With often cartoon-looking animations and blocky styles, many of the common metaverses have missed the mark for audiences looking for something with more edge, adventure, and maturity. Some of the most popular metaverses often have a very cartoon-like style, which is not appealing to all users looking for more innovation within their virtual spaces.

Alongside stylistic gaps, the current decentralized crypto-based metaverses in the market, most popularly Decentraland, are falling victim to capacity that they cannot keep up with. From extremely high fees associated with specific blockchains, such as Ethereum, and slow, stodgy systems, there has been much left missing from the metaverse experience as it has grown. As the Ethereum blockchain gained popularity, there has been an increase in congestion across the network, leading people to pay higher fees to just interact within the metaverse.

Users are continually becoming more knowledgeable about the options available, both when it comes to sources of entertainment and the new crypto-currency options on the market. Furthermore, with many companies viewing decentralized metaverses as the way of the future, there is more demand for different metaverses that cater to all preferences and desired experiences. With so much potential, but with current programs lacking, we aim to overcome the current challenges to create an experience that will have users continuously coming back for more.

Introducing Velhalla:

Velhalla is a metaverse unlike any other out there on the market. Velhalla, a combination of the words Velas and Valhalla, the hall in Norse mythology where warriors who die in battle spend eternity after death, will have a theme that is a unique mix of futuristic and majestic. Velhalla will allow its users to immerse themselves in a new universe driven by the Velas blockchain, where they can perform a wide range of actions, purchase and sell virtual pieces of land, outfit highly detailed characters, and more.

Based in the Velas blockchain

Velhalla built for speed, which has just been fast-tracked into Velas’ $100 million grant program, will bring an ease of use, efficiency, and unique look and flair to the crypto metaverse market. Unlike Ethereum, using Velaspad as the launching point will significantly reduce fees on users. Velas is also free of the over congestion of Ethereum, which has contributed to an increase in fees on other metaverse platforms. This ease of use and a decrease in additional fees is essential to making Velhalla a more user-friendly environment.

Unique theme

The decentralized cyberworld draws inspiration heavily from Viking culture and highly futuristic sci-fi environments, both areas that have grown in popularity across pop culture in recent years. From highly realistic video games, including Assasin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077, and a continuous release of movies, tv shows, and more drawing inspiration from environments that cross historic mysticism with robotic, futuristic universes, Velhalla will bring those themes into a crypto metaverse.

Velhalla has a more mature atmosphere than other crypto-metaverses, pivoting from the typically cartoon-like style to something more reminiscent of today’s video games. This new style can provide a more immersive experience to users. However, even though there is a clear theme to the universe, users still can contribute to its growth and adaptation as the metaverse evolves.

User-driven, decentralized environment

Velhalla will allow its users to continue growing and building the environment based on what they are most interested in pursuing. As a decentralized environment, users have the ability to develop their own unique worlds within the metaverse, driving inspiration from the incredible theming of the domain. As with every decentralized environment, there is no one set story progression — instead, users are able to make the experience whatever they hope to get out of it.

There is no one set governance in the Velhalla environment, but the Velas blockchain provides a secure base for the exchange of goods throughout the platform. The ‘truths’ of the Velhalla universe all come from the users themselves, with users able to create their own towns, communities, etc., within the platform. Velhalla allows people to express themselves and build their own adventure within the system. However, due to the connection with cryptocurrency, users on Velhalla still see their metaverse experience connected to wealth that has a value not just within the Velhalla system but beyond.



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