Velhalla’s Land Pre-Sale Launches April 11!

The day that many have long awaited shall soon be upon us! On April 11, 2022, the Velhalla MetaVerse will be launching their very first planetary land pre-sale. Those who are eager to get their hands on a piece of the Velhalla planet should act quickly once the sale begins, due to the fact that there will only be 6000 land loot boxes available to purchase.

Each loot box will contain the land type you choose, ( Wasteland, Tundra, Molten Barrens, or the Grasslands), 3 vouchers for playable characters & the opportunity to win a land upgrade to the ultra rare Crystal Highlands. The Wastelands have the least possibility of winning a piece of the Crystal Highlands, but there is still a possibility, the Molten Barrens have a slightly higher chance, and the Tundra comes in 2nd place of potential winnings behind the Grasslands. Anyone holding or staking SCAR will be automatically whitelisted for the sale and you can also become whitelisted & win special rewards using the free sweep widget competition! SCAR holders that are staking will get first priority at more loot boxes.

Check out the tutorial links for info on the land sale and follow the official Velhalla MetaVerse on Telegram at and on YouTube at for all updates!

Why Metaverse Real Estate? Velhalla

How To Get The Best Land In The METAVERSE🌐

UNLEASHED Metaverse! Important Land-Sale Info, Limited Supply — Velhalla

How To Swap BUSD (BSC) To BUSD (VLX) — Velhalla




Velhalla — The Velas MetaVerse

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Velhalla — The Velas MetaVerse

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